All aluminum cases are produced by
higher aluminum content

≥ 99.5% as raw material strips. Each aluminum case is produced with very tight quality control and inspection before shipping to the clients in order to achieve the highest standard of quality product and requirements for our customers.

We have full range sizes and types of aluminum cases for electrolytic and AC power capacitors. 

Stretch type series:   Ø3 x 5mm ~ Ø18 x 42mm
Extrusion type series:   Ø5 x 5mm ~ Ø120 x 280mm
Chip type series:   Ø4 ~ Ø10

Our aluminum cases are for AC Motor Capacitor use, Pulse Power Capacitor use, High Voltage AC & DC Capacitor use, Microwave Capacitor use, Lighting Capacitor use etc. We have various ranges and custom made to suit your needs. 



Production line started July, 2007, investing USD$20 Million in the first stage. Producing aluminum strips, aluminum foil, aluminum rolls etc. Annual quantity over 20,000 M/T per year. Our inspection testing equipment is imported according to European standard.


Thickness of material   0.08 ~ 1.2mm
Width of material   800 ~ 1300mm

Please send us your enquiry, case drawings, requirements and requested monthly quantity, we will provide our best