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APON are leaders in supplying exclusive European electrical and mechanical insulation composite laminates to China. APON delivered the first European composite laminate into China to manufacture parts for Electrolytic Capacitor Covers. The results of our engineering characteristics and testing methodologies make APON’s products the most sought after for the electrical / industrial markets.

APON supplies specialist materials and componentry by way of

Exclusive supplier for leading European manufacturer specialized in insulation laminates. Product used as electrical and mechanical insulation for industrial manufacturing.

Specialized European laminate insulation board used as terminal board for end-caps and starters of fluorescent tubes, utilized by Top Global Companies.

European laminated sheets for terminal board for aluminum electrolytic capacitor components worldwide.

Local office for European Manufacturer offering High Temperature Electrical FRP insulation and Components for Transit Bus, Subway Systems, Rail Cars and Aircraft MRO Repair Facilities

The right combination of resin and carrier material determines the essential chemical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of the prepregs and consequently those of the laminates. The high quality prepregs and laminates in the shape of sheets, plates, tubes and rods. Industries includes Automotive, Aviation, Cable, Civil Defence, Electronics, Generator, Lighting, Machining, Mechanical, Medical appliances/apparatus, Rail, Ship, Thermal, Transformers, Spools, Wind Power etc. Our insulation laminate product is currently used by world-wide well-known brand names and long term business partner together for many years.

Corporate Vision

We bring our quality products and services to the important valued customer to achieve customer satisfaction excellence. We support customers and business partners in a variety of industries and sectors, offering flexibility and a focus on practical implementation. Comprehensive and personal customer care is our first priority. Our products are designed such that they meet the high demand of an international clientele. We perform sample tests for our products, in order to make sure the products are qualified before delivery to all our valuable customers.

Corporate Mission

We APON Corporation, believe that maintaining high quality products, continuing improvement in production efficiency, achieving customer service excellence and aiming at product & service innovation are our competitive strength in obtaining customer satisfaction and competitive position in the industry.