The core business of APON are includes supplying exclusive European electrical and mechanical insulation composite laminates to China.

We do care about your innovative thinking and ideas. When customer have new ideas, we custom made and design for their needs. We provide machining services such as sawing, drilling milling, grinding, CNC water jet cutting, punching etc. Machining parts special made for your needs.

In addition, APON Corporation Ltd Hong Kong,  is the head office and administrative branch supporting our factory, in Hangzhou (110,000 sq.meters) and second factory (40,000 sq.meters) in Suzhou, China. We manufacture and design aluminum cases for the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry and supply capacitor components worldwide to customers as Panasonic, Ruby-con, EPCOS, Vishay BC Component etc.  We supply capacitor components with more than 30 years experience serving the market.  Achieving over 50 per cent of the market share in China. 

Our aluminum production plant, business includes aluminum strips, aluminum foil, aluminum rolls. Annual quantity over 20,000 M/T per year.mprovement in production efficiency, achieving customer service excellence and aiming at product & service innovation are our competitive strength in obtaining customer satisfaction and competitive position in the industry.