• Electronic
    The insulating material applies on aluminium electrolytic capacitor as a capacitor cover
  • Generator
    A laminate consisting of epoxy-glass cloth, graphite and epoxy resin
  • Lighting
    A modified phenolic paper based laminate which used as punched pieces for end caps of fluorescent tubes
  • Mechanical
    A phenol / melamine laminate having a decorative tracking resistant surface and good mechanical
  • Rail
    A material prepared from glass cloth impregnated with a special tracking resistant epoxy resin
  • Thermal
    For larger parts and high quality thermal insulation, also for various machines and equipments of high-temperature applications
  • Transformers
    A phenolic paper laminate, recommended for high voltage applications
  • Medical
    Our laminate exhibit high mechanical strength with good dynamic properties up to 120°C
  • Wind Power
    A special material has good magnetic conductivity combined with high resistivity
  • Ship
    High mechanical strength for ship and ship interior applications.
  • Piping Systems
    Piping Systems Retainer Gasket Laminates for use as Non-Metallic High Quality Special Engineered Laminate Sealing Isolation Gasket for Harsh Service :
  • Aircraft
    Serving Aircraft Industry Maintenance Repair and Overhaul(MRO) Facilities. Supporting interior passenger cabin applications including decorative for M
  • Transit Flooring
    GPO materials for transit vehicle trains flooring and floor panels